Financial Documents and Budgets

The RTA region’s operating and capital budgets for 2020 total approximately $5.2 billion. This amount is comprised of an operating budget of approximately $3.1 billion and a capital budget of approximately $2.1 billion. 

The 2020 RTA agency budget includes total operating expenses (Administrative and Regional Programs) of $40.7 million. The RTA Agency Administrative budget includes core agency expenses for staff, facilities, information technology, office services and professional services and accounts for approximately $17.4 million of the total agency budget. The RTA Regional Programs budget includes $23.3 million for services provided directly to the public by the RTA such as the ADA Paratransit Certification Program, Mobility Management Program, Travel Information Center, Customer Service Center, and the Reduced Fare and Transit Benefit Programs. The Regional Programs budget also includes all of the RTA’s grant funded programs, as well as RTA funded regional studies and initiatives.

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